Commercial & Utility Scale Solar Cash Purchase

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Breiter Planet Properties is able to build your solar projects at the lowest price in the nation and with the highest quality equipment through our extensive experience in developing and delivering billions of dollars worth of solar projects locally, domestically, and across the globe. Our cost efficiencies across our multi-billion dollars worth of projects currently under development allows us to deliver more cost effective projects than solar development firms across the country that have much smaller development pipelines and spread their high operating costs over to the price you pay for your project. 

Why Pursue Solar Ownership

Most of the clients that come to us for this product are either individuals, businesses, large corporations, or long term owner operators of solar assets similar to our core business. Solar ownership allows you to own a solar asset long term that produces cleaner, more affordable and predictably priced energy. 

In addition, the United States federal government provides tax credits and depreciation incentives. If you have the tax appetitie per the advice from your CPA, you will be able to receive these incentives. If not, Breiter Planet Properties has the tax appetite and will able to come into the project via a tax equity partnership, and avoid the tax incentives from going to waste. 

Cost Competitiveness

Breiter Planet Properties has extremely cost competitive project pricing while not sacrificing quality of equipment or workmanship. Solar customers across the country have been subjected to higher prices for their solar project all because of national and local solar incentives. What happens is that when solar incentives come into a market, such as a fixed feed in tariff, SRECs, tax credits, etc, solar contractors elevate their pricing and value their project based on the value they are providing to you with the incentives. This results in their margins being blown out of proportion and you end up paying way more than you should and receive less net value from your project. 


In the United States, there is a 26% federal tax credit that can help reduce the total investment once received along with all local incentives that you may qualify for. 


This is a cash purchase option, if you want to explore a solar loan option, choose our Breiter Planet Solar Loan products for you to explore. Our solar loan allows you to save money on a monthly basis compared to your current monthly energy costs. 

Not sure what system size is right for you?

  1. First, you will need to grab your electric utility bill. Whether you receive it online, or in the mail, your bill will be detailed.
  2. Look for a section called Usage History on your electric bill. It will show how many kilowatt hours you have used per month in the last year.
  3. Add the past twelve months of usage history to get your annual energy consumption
  4. Divide your annual consumption by 1200 kWh/kW* to calculate your optimal system size.
  5. Round this number up to the closest system size option available to ensure your system is producing enough electricity to cover your usage.

*This value is used for simplicity purposes but ultimately varies based on the location of the property in the country. These values will be finished during the engineering phase.

Next Steps

Once order is processed, Breiter Planet will reach out to collect some additional information about your energy usage, your property, and begin our engineering and planning process. 

Email if you have any questions. 




*Pricing may require adjustment if site conditions require additional work outside of the normal scope for residential solar projects