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**In the drop down, select your annual energy consumption in kWhs indicated on your past 12 months of electric bills. The price above for the selected annual energy consumption indicates the monthly energy cost of the subscription and is the value of the solar deposit required to begin your solar project**

When pursuing a solar subscription option, it allows you to purchase energy at a lower cost than the utility company from a solar project that we develop, install, own, operate and maintain. We take on the capital expenditure to allow you to reap the financial benefits of the solar project.

Breiter Planet Properties’ core business is to own and operate solar assets and sell energy through this subscription structure.



  • Pursuing a solar subscription with Breiter Planet Properties is the most efficient process by streamlining the project initiation and avoiding numerous meetings, extra paperwork, and using more time than you should when purchasing energy
  • Gives you predictability in your monthly electric expenses long term
  • Gives you control in your electric rate and avoids the 3-4+% annual escalator that utilites increase their rates by in order to maintain their aging utility infrastructure. Some electric infrastructure is over century old and as it gets old, breaks down, burns in wildfires, or gets damaged in storms, the cost to repair will inevitably be passed down to you as the electric rate payer.
  • If you don’t have the tax appetite to receive all the tax benefits for purchasing solar, with the subscription option, it allows us to claim the solar incentives and then pass the benefits onto you by reducing your energy costs
  • For businesses, it reduces operating expenses and allows you to increase your profit
  • For businesses, pursuing a solar subscription is the fastest way for you to achieve your organization’s sustainability goals and operate the business with ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles which more and more clients/investors are looking for today

What options should I select?

Add up the past 12 months of energy consumption from your electric bills and that total kWhs would be the subscription option that you should choose. If you have an expected increase in energy usage, feel free to choose a higher volume of energy.

Cost Competitiveness

Breiter Planet Properties has extremely cost competitive project pricing while not sacrificing quality of equipment or workmanship. Solar customers across the country have been subjected to higher prices for their solar project all because of national and local solar incentives. What happens is that when solar incentives come into a market, such as a fixed feed in tariff, SRECs, tax credits, etc, solar contractors elevate their pricing and value their project based on the value they are providing to you with the incentives. This results in their margins being blown out of proportion and you end up paying way more than you should and receive less net value from your project. 

Next Steps

Once order is processed, Breiter Planet will reach out to collect some additional information about your energy usage, your property, and begin our engineering and planning process. 

Email if you have any questions. 



Is there an upfront cost to pursue a solar subscription?

  • Yes, we require a deposit in the form of one month’s subscription payment which will get applied to your first month subscription payment once the solar project is operational. We are not running credit checks, and this does help allow us to be more comfortable with pursuing a solar subscription with you.

What is the term of the subscription?

  • 20 Year term but if you choose to move, we can transfer it to the new property owner, or if you choose to cancel, we can make arrangements to accommodate your request to cancel

Can I add energy storage?

  • Yes, we will asses if energy storage would yield benefits to you or if there are financial benefits to us based on the energy grid




*Pricing may require adjustment if site conditions require additional work outside of the normal scope for residential solar projects