ZXM6-NHLDD144 Series Znshinesolar 9BB HALF-CELL Bifacial Light-Weight Double Glass Mono PV 450 Watt Module

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  • More power output - Module RS decreases, FF (fill factor) increases, power gain is stable above 1.5%, and can be increased by 5~10W
  • Anti PID - Limited power degradation of ZXM6-NHLDD144 module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition for mass production
  • Bifacial technology - Enables additional energy harvesting from rear side(up to 25%)
  • High Efficiency - A high efficiency PERC solar cell with 9 busbars technology to ensure the efficiency of the solar module up to 20.70% and stable operation
  • Better Weak Illumination Response - Lower temperature coefficient and wide spectral response, higher power output, even under low-light settings
  • Grahpene Coating(Optional*) - Graphene coating modules can increase power generation and self-cleaning, also can save maintenance cost *Can be customized